God called me from a young age to be missionary. I’ve had a dream in my heart since the age of six, to travel and re-present the Gospel. I had a very clear dream one day about seeing myself on an island some place. I saw things in great deal there. I saw myself staying temporarily near a beach, and saw myself approaching people, loving on them, praying for them. Other times I saw myself leading teams to the streets, and into the hills of the area to minister. I wouldn’t know for years that this island was Jamaica.

I remember the hunger only intensifying, when around 7 or 8 years old, one day an article in the newspaper caught my attention. It was an article on the late reverend Billy Graham, when I read it, I recall thinking to myself; “One day I want to be in his shoes.” God continued to increase that desire in me to become a missionary. Over the years I would have a number of very clear dreams about travels to other places.


In the spring of 1998 I had a dream one night. In the dream, I saw myself traveling to an unknown place. I wouldn’t have known where it was, however one thing made it clear. One point in the dream I saw myself in a taxi-cab. While traveling in the cab, I noticed the street signs, every single one kept reading, “Nashville, TN.” I saw myself in the dream staying in Tennessee for a while volunteering. A couple days after that first dream I discovered that some places I saw in the dream actually exists in Nashville!

Over the years I would continue to have many dreams about living in Tennessee and occasionally traveling out from there. In time I would see myself in every dream, living in Tennessee. To date all of the dreams of places and people I haven’t seen in person have been confirmed as actual places I have been shown in my dreams.

For everything there is a time…

For me that time has been staring back at me for more than two decades, waiting for me to make my move. I have had too many dreams and confirmations from complete strangers confirming my call to move to Tennessee. Over the years I’ve had my doubts, fears and questions hinder me from stepping into my calling. For more than two decades I’ve been too busy running when my dream was handed to me on a metaphorical silver platter, multiple times. From 2019-2020 I have had well over 600 dreams and experiences about moving and living in Tennessee and living out my calling.

As if the many confirmations and words from perfect strangers was not enough, there was one more way God showed up and caused me to finally say yes and chase after the promises in my heart, and the passions I carry and live out loud! I took a trip in January 2020 to see some places, meditate on what I’ve seen and listen for my sign. One night traveling from Franklin back to Nashville which is approximately 40 minutes, just enough time for God to get my attention. It was a stormy night, and all the sudden this bright white light, filled the car and I heard an audible voice fill my space and say
“This is me, I’ve called you here, move now.”
This statement was repeated a few times but echoed in my heart forever.

When, What, Where…

Since fall 2019 I have had a lot of signs pointing to moving sometime mid-to-late fall 2020. As I stay my course, and do all I can prayerfully moving forward toward this venture of traveling and TRUSTING for provision, I keep seeing things fall into place.

What I will be doing looks different than some, but I know it is the call on my life. I have spoken with a couple of ministries in Nashville that are near to my heart, and they are excited to welcome me on their volunteer team when I move there. Both Ministries help the poor. Some on the streets, and some in the projects. The Ministries are, “The Elijah Project” and “The Bridge Ministries” Also I will be spending much of my time, going where God leads me and encounter people with the Love of God. Sharing the Gospel message of power, love and hope.


I have a support team in place. I have a prayer team to cover me and ministry. I also have a spiritual advisor who has also been a long time friend. I have also found a spiritual community that I am already plugged into before even moving there, called, “The Belonging Co.”

The Need

Some argue that Paul as a missionary, made tents to support himself. Note that there are only three times Paul worked as a tent maker. He was not apposed to help, he was not opposed the work. There was a time and purpose for everything. When Jesus traveled with his group, they were supported by host homes, free food and gifts. While I have a couple of online businesses that bring in a few dollars, I am trusting God to provide.

I am still in processes of finding a place to live, and in need of support. If while reading this you have captured the vision and heart of my calling and want to help support me, please go to the “GIVE” page. If I can answer any questions please reach out to me through the CONTACT page.

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