Imagine graduating High School with no sense of hope or a future because of everything that has come against you and lies spoken that you had come to believe as truth.  Imagine having faced pain, loss and a debilitating condition that almost lands you in a wheelchair at age 26. Imagine being at the lowest point in your life and believing you will not amount to anything, and hopelessness becomes your identity.  Meet Liz Ebersole (pronounce ee-ber-soul)

She has risen above incredible odds and has redefined who she is as a daughter of God, a thrive-r.  Today Liz is passionate about sharing God in practical ways and teaching others who they are and how to rise above it all.  She holds certifications in ministry and aromatherapy and loves to share how the two connect together. Liz thrives in the prophetic, but most of all she lives to re-present Jesus and love others well.

Relentless Faith

Welcome to Relentless Faith Ministries.  My name is Liz Ebersole. From the young age of six years old, I knew the calling on my life to one day do what I have now been doing and continue to do.  In the past few years I have reached many on the street corners with the light and love of Jesus. I have had the privilege of helping DOZENS build their confidence, find their passions and help bring healing.

Relentless Faith is all about showing people who they are in Christ, bringing healing and hope to the hurting, and equipping others to go and do the same.  It is about igniting others with a hope and a tenacity to never give up in the midst of life’s hardships, so we can link arms and run this race together to impact the world around us.

I offer one-on-ones, group help, and even teaching through fun interactive workshops.  One of my favorite workshops now available is Identity Boot-camps, which is a fun yet power-packed interactive workshop teaching identity in Christ and practical self-defense (without getting a black-belt).  Through Relentless Faith, God has used me to reach people through social media, in person, and across the states and around the world. I have had the privilege of partnering with God to reach others in the public eye (speakers, comedians, and musicians) to encourage them and the encounters have been priceless.  I have been based in Oregon but I am relocating to Tennessee and will travel out from there where God opens doors.

You can join me through your donations, in supporting my ministry and helping me continue to share Jesus, offer prayer ministry, and equip others.

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